Your Grandmother is on Facebook, and that’s a good thing

Jan 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

5D831EAF-58BE-46FF-9B5E-A88F5CE2168CThis is my friend, Bonnie and her Seahawks ring.  Bonnie is more than 70.  Bonnie is on Facebook.  Be like Bonnie.Now and then I meet people who refuse to be on Facebook. Not sure what that is about.  Once again I make my case.  Of course, the likelihood of you seeing this if you are not on Facebook are slim so I may be spitting in the wind.

Six years ago I took a trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  I still have friends from that trip. Some live in the UK.  Some live in other states.  One person with whom I really connected has become lost to me because she refused to be on Facebook.  Ten years ago I took a trip to China.  Some became best friends.  Some I don’t see often but we remain Facebook friends.

It has been well recorded that an important aspect of aging is to maintain social connections. Now more than ever we need that.  Everyone knows that I am not a shrinking violet.  The young children in my neighborhood call out to me  “Hi, gramma Kawin.”  It feels good good.  But that is not enough.  I need connection.  You need connection.

Are Facebook connections superficial?  Maybe.  That is your choice.  If all you do is post cute cat pictures (not that there is anything wrong with cute cat pictures) then you are not connecting.  Are you being vulnerable?  Do you let people know who you really are?

Back to Bonnie.  We know that Bonnie loves her Seahawks.  We see her pictures with the team, at the games and with her awesome car.  Bonnie also has her strong political opinions. She does not hold back.  This is what I admire about Bonnie.  Be more like Bonnie.

Here are some other tips that work for me:


Did you know you can start private groups?  I have a number of groups.  Some for social, some for professional.  One of my favoriate groups is Karin and Friends.  We plan events, have parties and share ideas with each other.  I started a group of solo attorneys.  The Washington State Bar gave me a bit of grief but I pointed out it was a private group of attorneys choosing to connect.  The group clearly states “not affiliated with WSBA”.  We exchange ideas.  Unlike message boards and list serves, members are able to see who is in the group and choose carefully what they share.  I also have groups of two or three.  Very intimate.  Great sharing.

Groups allow me to remain connected.


I regualarily host events.  Some for small groups, some for larger.  My annual Summer party has become a must attend event.  I host champagne Fridays.  My friends now create events that we might enjoy such as paint and sip events, happy hours, concerts.  One of my friends organized a birthday party on the high seas and we traveled to the Caribbean.

I sometimes encounter people who want to be invited to my events but they tell me they refuse to be on Facebook.  I have told them I don’t know how to include them because that is how the events are announced.


I have not organized any of these but I belong to several and once again I am finding connection.  These groups usually cost a small monthly sum.  It means you have people who are committed to the purpose of the group.  I have a coaching group, social media group and an image group.  I love these people.  I am happy to support the entrepreneurs who share their wisdom and a very small price.


There are so many groups which you can connect.  I belong to a group of women who are mothers and lawyers which has almost 10,000 members.  I have learned of a hair dryer that has changed my life, shared professional and personal successes and frustrations.  I also belong to a group dedicated to our favorite shoes.  These ladies (and one man) support each other in more ways than encouraging others to buy more shoes.

There are so many of these groups.  My daughter is active in several moms groups and I am amazed at how they have supported each other.  My latest group is a CPAP support group.

Being connected can be difficult.  Loneliness is rampant.

How are you using Facebook to stay connected?

Be like Bonnie.


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