Here We Go, Another Post About Beginning Again

Apr 21, 2023 | sage wisdom, starting over

From the Not Your Grandmother’s 70 March 2022

I felt this post was very timely, so sharing it again.

How many times have you decided to begin again? Begin a new career? Begin a more healthy life? Begin your best-selling book? Begin a new hobby? There are so many things we might want to begin again. Well, to quote Nike—JUST DO IT. Easier said than done. Right? I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t always work.

So many times in my life, I wanted to begin again. Maybe more than most people. In my adult life, I have lived in 20 homes! I just counted, and that’s what it is. I started the count when I was 20, and a new bride and number 20 brings me to my lake view. Careers? I’m not sure how to count. Let’s just say a lot. However, I have been in my current career twenty-five years. Two states but the same career.

The pandemic has caused many people to reassess their lives. What is really important? What do I do now? I didn’t get into the bread-making mode. I did learn to love Zoom. (no shoes, sweatpants, and sports bra) I thought about all the ways I would begin again. I thought I would begin again in both Januarys of the pandemic. Birthday? First of the month? Monday?

Distraction. What gets in the way? I will start as soon as I unload/load the dishwasher. I will start when I get the living room re-arranged. Oh, I need to respond to emails. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Wait a minute. Where did the morning go?

Today I picked up Julia Cameron’s Book- The Artists Way and the follow-up—are you ready for this? It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again. The message I have been preaching! It is a twelve-week program. Twelve weeks! I looked through both books and the companion workbook. I never made it past week three. So do I begin at week four, or do I start at week one? I think the message is START NOW.

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