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May 9, 2022 | Uncategorized


I hear people use the word manifestation a lot these days.   Seems like I hear it more and more from people I wouldn’t consider “woo woo” persons. As in “I manifested a new client”. I’ve even used it myself. And I have manifested plenty—more of that later. But first, what is it? When I looked it up I found lots of non woo woo definitions. “The melting of the Polar Ice Cap is a manifestation of climate change”.  No that’s not what I was looking for. I realized I was thinking of spiritual manifestation. Then I found this:

What is Spiritual Manifestation? The idea behind Spiritual Manifestation is that you can bring your dreams and desires into being by regularly meditating and thinking positively. Spiritual manifestation is one of the New Age concepts of the Law of Attraction.

Well, that’s way more woo woo than I was thinking about. What about woo woo? Is it really a term? As a matter of fact it is:

“unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine.

“some kind of metaphysical woo-woo”

Wow that’s harsh. 

Earth calling. Do you know some real life woo woo? I use it for people who do things that work but I can’t explain—Acupuncture, cranial sacral, my woo woo yoga coach, my intuitive writing coach.  Yes, I know, some of those do have scientific explanations. I just know they work. Do they only work because I believe they work? There is some of that.  But let’s get down to plain ordinary woo woo in our lives. 

I recently signed up for an on line workshop on Spiritual Manifestation.  Hey, pandemic isolation leads you to trying lots of things. Every day there is a very simple task of something to manifest. It’s beginner work so you can get in practice for bigger things. 

Most of these simple things  just require you to be observant. A blue truck, a beach ball, a funny hat are pretty simple. But when i opened up I had some surprises. 

A white feather

I walked in park, along the beach, around my yard. Nothing. Then as I was at a gala, I saw a black feather on the floor. I read that black feather has metaphysical qualities. I picked it up to save in my bag. As I stood up and saw a woman toss a white feather boa around her neck. Dare I ask to pluck one? Then I realized I only need to see it. And I did Mission accomplished 

A Crow

How difficult could this be? It doesn’t have to be a real crow, just an image. Pay attention. Why can’t I see a photo, a sculpture, A piece of jewelry. Stupid assignment. I’ll just scroll Facebook. I hate “reels” but I scrolled through. There was a a graduation ceremony from a school I’ve never heard about.  I had no idea why I was seeing this. And then a banner popped up —go crows and a picture of their owl mascot!.

 Am I a convert yet?  Now I’m ready for some more big stuff. And yes, there has been some really great woo woo stuff.

What has been your experience with woo woo?


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