Why a Blog?

Aug 1, 2021 | 21 Day Blog Challenge

For almost a year I’ve talked about resuming this blog which I started ten years ago as I was facing turning 70. For some time I was consistent. Then it was off and on. As I was facing the end of my seventies, I had a strong desire to document my slide towards, gasp, eighty. Octogenarian.

Will I have to change the name of the blog? Well, I’ll face that when I get there. In the meantime I worked on my memoir. That’s writing isn’t it?

One would think that being isolated during pandemic would be a time I would certainly get a lot of writing done. I did not. I also did not make bread, learn a foreign language or read the stack of books I intended to read. As my friends and I concluded: We survived.

Now I’m coming into the final stretch. Less than two months and I still haven’t begun. Then magic happened. A friend shared an opportunity for a 21 day day blog challenge one day before it was to begin. So here I am.

Day one.

Instead of one blog a week, I am challenged to one a day. That should
make up for the missing weeks.

Why a blog?

I was recently challenged with that question by a friend. What is it driving me? What do I hope to accomplish? I’m aware that blogs are pretty old school. Now it’s U Tube, Facebook live, Instagram, Tim Tok and podcasts and probably a dozen other outlets. But I am a reader and a writer.

I like the words on a page. I like to think about what I want to write and I like that I can go back to replace a word a line. So blog I will.

What is my purpose?

I want to inspire and I want to entertain. I want to be funny and serious. A serious message served with humor? Self deprecating humor can be very effective. I started this blog to show that turning seventy does not mean you can’t continue striving, setting goals, and even start a new
career or hobby. I truly believe it’s never too late to begin again. Your best life at any age is my tag line.

Is this still true for octogenarians? I like that word, Octogenarian. I’ve been reading about keeping your brain sharp and want to send that message. While some octogenarians are still running marathons and
climbing mountains, that’s probably not for me. I’ll take on the mental challenges and leave the physical challenges to others. I am looking forward to seeing where the thirty day challenge will take me.

Does it matter if anyone reads it? Of course it does, but I can’t let it stop me from carrying on. A friend has been writing a blog and shared recently how it feels really good when someone tells her that they
have read her pieces. I agree with her.

Stay tuned. I hope you keep reading.



  1. Carolyn

    Congratulations on starting the one per day challenge. You are an inspiration to your many friends coming along a few years behind you!

  2. cristy eisenman

    I love that you are doing this Karin and I will follow!


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