Where Am I Going?

Aug 3, 2021 | 21 Day Blog Challenge

I have been asked where is this blog taking me.

That is a question I have been asking myself. Where do I want it to go?

I truly am at a crossroads. I started this ten years ago as I was approaching a milestone birthday. I wanted to convince myself and others that it is never to late to live your best life. Now ten years later as I approach another decade I could easily say mission accomplished. It has been a great ten years.

I had a grand adventure along the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, Several river cruises in Europe, cruise through the Panama Canal, the Mediterranean and two to Alaska cruises. And in the meantime I continue to build a profitable business.

Today I was asked when I planned to stop working.

My immediate answer was that I don’t work. Because the pandemic and remote working, I “work” from my recliner looking out at the water.

Why do I need to stop?

Now I am at a true turning point.

I have been writing about enjoying your seventies. Now that I am approaching that next decade (the one I cannot bring myself to name, yet) what is next?

Do I rename this blog?

Do I need to?

Someone suggested that the best name might just be my own name.

That is an interesting idea. In my mind at this time that seems somewhat aggrandizing.

People like catchy names, don’t they? What does just calling it by my name tell you.

Back to why. Why am I still doing this? I do it because I am still here. I still have something to offer. I still want to. Inspire, amuse and entertain. Do you want to be inspired, amused and entertained by an octogenarian?

Do you still admire Betty White, Tina Turner, Jane Fonda etc. etc. Don’t they still have something to share with us?

No, I won’t compare myself to those grand ladies. But I am still here and I will continue reinventing myself.

Where am I going? Stay tuned.


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