When Pulling the “Old Lady Card” Can Be Useful

Mar 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Remember the old days when we used our charm to get our way?  I think today charm is way way underused.  Charm can be used by male, female, nongendered.  Old, young.

Charm is the ability to make someone think that both of you are quite wonderful.

Charm is not about being manipulative.  It is merely a way of interacting with other people are if they are fellow human beings. Have you ever noticed that even in a foreign country a mere smile can accomplish much.

There are some places it is a little more difficult to practice charm.  TSA, DMV or during a traffic stop.  But you can try!  After all, charm is just being nice. Even those folks appreciate nice.

Let me suggest a variation of charm.  I call it “pulling the old lady card”.  I joked about it on a recent trip.  I used it at the airport with grumpy TSA agents, at a resort with servers and even the golf cart drivers who took you to your room up a steep hill.  No, it is not about acting helpless.  It is a variation of charm that allows the other person to be of service. You know there is such a natural inclination if we just allow it.  Being huffy and grumpy doesn’t get you far but a smile and an an open expression inviting help goes a long way.  (But don’t forget the tip, that helps a lot, but NOT with TSA, government officials or law enforcement.  Then it is called a bribe).

What if you are not old enough to pull the old lady card?  Well, then you are just going to have to use a lot of charm.  You know you can do it.



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