The Joy of Being Single—Part one fine dining?

Feb 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

I am in the business of making people single.  I see the positive changes happening to people when they reclaim their lives.  Often they did not know how unhappy they were until they made the change to being single.  But I do have to caution folks that it is not the rainbows and unicorns some people make it out to be.There seems to be an idolizing of the single life. I read about it all the time. Let me tell you a little about said single life.

First the good news:

You can leave dishes in the sink

Well, that is the good news and the bad news. Having no one to be accountable to means sometimes it is hard to keep motivated.  A good solution to this is to entertain.  Inviting friends over, maybe just for coffee means you will do the dishes and clean up the bathroom.

Or — you can get a cleaning lady.  Not that she will actually do the dishes but you don’t want to be embarrassed to have her see the dirty dishes or the messy bathroom.  Right?

Let’s talk about eating as a single

You don’t have to cook

Again, a two sided coin.  There comes a time where cheese and crackers is not a complete meal.  Well, it is if combined with a fruit — like grape juice/wine.  While happy hours can provide a modicum of nourishment that will keep you from starving, you will find that you will want to eat at home occasionally. Cooking for one is a challenge.  Enter the cooking kits!  Relatively new on the scene, fresh ingredients and recipes show up on your doorstep. There are a few assumptions these meal delivery systems forget:  you may not have a “zester” or a “box grater” or the perfect frying pan for the stir fry. Salt, pepper and perhaps olive oil might be expected but one time I was not warned that I would need white wine — normallly a staple in my home, but without forewarning, I was completely out.  Oh, and did I tell you the meals are for TWO?

Again the solution:  Invite a friend.  Hopefully you still have a friend that will want to come over and cook.  Here is my friend Deborah, who, by the way, is a professional cook.

After about an hour, a lot of wine and a lot of chopping, we pronounced the meal — barely edible.  Who cooks romaine?  The next day I ventured on my own.  After about an hour, a lot of wine, a lot of chopping and a huge mess I got what almost looked like the picture.  And actually quite tasty but enough to feed a family of four.

Maybe cheese and crackers aren’t such a bad idea.

You can eat out whenever you want to

Sure you can.  But will you?  Of course you can invite a friend. But there are those nights that no one is available, you don’t feel like talking to anyone and you certainly don’t want to cook. Other than the drive through or pizza, again here are some ideas:

Go to a movie that serves you food at your seat. You don’t have to worry about talking to anyone and no one really knows you are by yourself.

Sit at the bar. I learned about this from a friend.  Sit at the bar and order whatever you wish.  The days of ladies not sitting by themselves on a bar stool are long gone. You do not have to order alcohol (but why not?) and you will most likely find someone to talk to. Hey, even if its the bartender — they are paid to talk to people.  Bars where business travelers congregate can make for some lively conversations.  Really — it is OK.

For a really upscale experience I have yet to try, is find a chef’s table. The chef entertains you while preparing a great meal and the other guests are there to entertain you.

So there you have it — the truth about dining while single.

NEXT:  travel.


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