Settling for Enough

Jun 6, 2022 | Beach, Hobbies, Settling, Writing

I was participating in one of those visualization/meditation exercises, where I am in a garden contemplating what I wanted. What’s next? I think about a book I am reading: Why Bother by Jennifer Louden. (

I thought about the long list of places I want to visit where I live: Golden Gardens, the Arboretum, and the Botanical Garden. What is there that is so appealing? Flowers, trees, beach. I could sit on a bench and write. Or, I could write in a nice restaurant. Maybe I will venture to one of the islands in Puget Sound.

Suddenly a chapter from the book came to mind. The chapter was on “settling”. No not that kind of settling—like you don’t deserve better. Settling as in settle for what you already have. Take a pause. Smell the roses so to speak.

Why do I have to get in my car and travel to locations miles from my home when I have it all right here, within walking distance? I am between two beach parks. A beautiful marina/hotel center with an art gallery, spa, and wonderful restaurants and coffee shops. It is less than three-quarters of a mile. The entire boulevard is lined with flower beds and trees.

Then there is the lawn. My building has a large lawn right up to the water with a beautiful view of water, and mountains. The summer boating and paddleboard activity is fun to watch. This is the lawn I sat on with a realtor when I was looking for a place to live. I said, “can you make this happen?” And she did and I did. Now I see the boats, the lake, and the mountains right from my home office. During the height of the pandemic, we held ladies on the lawn. Bring your own beverage, snack, and chair. Social distancing outdoors kept us sane.

So I think I will settle, thank you. For now, anyway. I can walk along the beach, write in a coffee shop, sit on a bench and admire the flowers. And best of all, I can be the lady on the lawn. I can take my glass of wine and watch the water and shoreline. I can sit on my own balcony and watch the sunset.

Yes, I think I will settle. I have discovered “enough” —for now anyway.

Have you thought of something in your life you could settle for right now?

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