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We all have rituals. Some around events, holidays, and rites of passage. When do we find we must create new traditions? 

I recall years ago when I picked up my grandson from daycare. We had regular “gramma dates.” He is, at this time, four years or so. He tells me he doesn’t want gramma dates anymore. I was devastated. We went to sushi, and he grabbed up plate after plate and said, “gramma, why are you crying?”

It was a difficult right of passage for me.

There comes a time when the rituals must change. Oh, there is still the Family Christmas Eve, but we no longer hang around for Santa in the morning. That’s time for new rituals with the kid’s immediate


We all face times when the old rituals no longer work. The kids grow up. The grandkids grow up. Rituals change. This subject is very raw to me as I am trying to create new rituals to replace the old ones this weekend.

Before my grandchild was born, my family went to the Gorge to see Dave Mathews. As gramma, I held the baby, then the toddler. I made friends with the regulars. We went to Wilde Horse Campground, where I always felt accepted. I got hugs from the owners. Porta potties and sleeping in a tent was part of the scene. I loved it. 

This year was different. For a lot of reasons, I was not included in the entourage. It hurt a lot at first, like when my grandkid told me he didn’t want more gramma dates.

Time to recalibrate.

Did I want to sleep in a tent and use porta-potties? Part of me says yes. Then I recognized I was hanging on to my youth. I am trying to create events from before.

I don’t want to get stuck in time. Time for a new ritual. 

So here I am at a high-end lodge and spa. Lovely room with a fireplace and the sound of the falls. Luxuriate in fancy shower rituals, massage and soaking tubs on the schedule. I have achieved enough success so that I can afford these luxuries.

Yet I still fancy myself in a tent using a porta potty. 

What rituals have you given up? What do you wish you could still do?

Contemplate that and share in the comments. I would love to know! 


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