Now What?

Jan 2, 2012 | Uncategorized

I said I was going to blog.  I actually published some posts and some got reposted.  Good grief I even have some followers.

Now what?

I participated in a thirty day challenge to blog every day.  I lasted four days.

Now what?

I made a commitment that I would continue this blog and develop a series of speeches.  I even gave a speech at Toastmasters on How Not to Look OLD.

Now what.

On this second day of a new year do you find yourself asking that question?  You wiped out the old year on New Year’s Eve, maybe even participating in a burning bowl ceremony of some sort and you wrote your declarations for the new year.  Has your intention lasted beyond this second day of the year or are you already asking:  Now what?

I will ask myself this question every day.  I want to be a source of inspiration for others or at least entertaining.  My plan is to develop inspirational speeches.  I have set some wheels in motion and have a long to do list.  There will be more in the coming  days and months.

You stated your intentions for the coming year.  I have stated mine.  Let’s support each other in reaching our goals as we once again face another year of optimism and another fresh new start.

Now what?

Stay tuned.


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