Mood Indigo Blues

May 31, 2017 | Uncategorized

You ain’t never been blue; no, no no

You ain’t never been blue,

Till you’ve had that mood indigo. 

That feelin goes stealin down to my shoes 

You know what it is.  The pits, the gloomies, down in the dumps.  Rolled up in a ball on the bathroom floor.  In bed, covers over you head.  Or maybe you are the outdoor type and you howl at the moon or scream into the wind.

Nothing in your life is right. Nothing will ever be right.  I call it my 3 am darkness of the soul. It doesn’t help to know that everyone goes through it sometimes.  You also will chew someone’s head off if they tell you platitudes like “It’s not that bad.” or “It will get better.”  That was not what you want to hear.  Not now anyway.

I also like to refer to the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible Very Bad Day in which Alexander keeps repeating after one more misadventure, “I think I’ll move to Australia.”  It ends with Alexander acknowledging: “Some days are like that, even in Australia.”  And they are.

There are books galore on how to get past this.  But right now you really don’t want to.  You WANT to wallow.  You deserve to wallow.  We all do deserve some wallow time.  Never mind that EVERYONE on Facebook is having a WONDERFUL time.  Every one is.  Really!

I  am not here to tell you what to do. I am not here to give you platitudes. I am merely here to tell you that it is ok.  It is ok to wallow, scream, sniff and cry.  Sometimes that is all there is.  When you are ready for more, you will find it.

In the meantime, just get down with that feelin that goes stealin down to your shoes.  Some days are like that.  Even in  . . . .

Australia, or, or or.


OK, this is not crying but laughing as a whole drink had just been spilled on me.  Great beginning to a cruise.


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