I took a walk on the beach to find my purpose and guess what happened?

May 2, 2015 | Uncategorized

Today I took a walk on the beach in hopes of finding a solution to a problem I had been wrestling with. I did find an answer but it was not what I was expecting. And the result is a lesson that might just apply to other situations.

I am working on a project and was struggling with the structure and answering questions, like any good project manager: What is my purpose? Who is my client/audience? And finally to outline the scope of the work and set timelines.

So I walked on the beach. I enjoyed the sun, the breeze, the fresh air and the sound of the waves. And suddenly it hit me — I had no purpose, I had no objective and I certainly was not thinking about who I was doing it for. I was simply enjoying a walk on the beach.

As I was totally lost in the experience I realized that I had lost my landmark. The beach shore looks different from the opposite direction. I was lost. I had lost my objective. I had no plan. I was hopelessly lost and would never find my way back to the cottage. Nonsense. Of course I would get back, eventually. You can’t get lost when you have no destination. I was merely taking a beach walk and enjoying the scenery, the sensations, the air. Walk a little further and just enjoy. Of course, my landmark gazebo popped up out of nowhere and I was back on the path to the cottage. My home for today.

So what was my objective with the beach walk? To enjoy the moment. To revel in the senses. To breathe and ultimately relax.

And so I solved my problem. My project is to enjoy the creative moments without worrying about the objective, the audience, the outcome. Just do it for the love of doing it – like walking on the beach. Eventually you will find home.



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  1. lucindasagemidgorden

    I love what you learned on your walk! That’s how I feel when I write, in the moment and fully alive.


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