Funny Girl

Nov 13, 2022 | depression?, humor, life

(Yes, these are words to a song)

Did you hear that
Yeah, the guy said honey,
You’re a funny girl
That’s me; I just keep them
In stitches doubled in half
And though I may be all wrong for the guy
I’m good for a laugh
I guess it’s not funny
Life is far from sunny
When the laugh is over
And the jokes on you
A girl ought to have a sense of humor
That’s one thing you really need for sure
When you’re a funny girl
A fellow said a funny girl
Funny, how it ain’t so funny
Funny girl…

This song started resonating with me lately, and I had to look up the words. It seemed so relevant. The last line was, “even a funny girl can cry.” Well, maybe another version, or I made it up.

It was playing in my mind because I wanted/needed to write a blog post. I try to keep them light and funny—encouraging—it’s never too late. But what if I am not feeling funny or reassured, and it seems too late? It happens.
It happens to everyone.

One of the first things one must notice is: are you making stuff up? That friend that hasn’t called, the money didn’t show up, someone frowned at you, and myriad unfunny things.
But do you know the whole story, or did your imagination fill it in?

Then there is the real stuff-a health crisis, divorce, job loss. What to do, then? Indeed, these things are not funny. You have every right to put your head under the pillow and stay there—for a while. Then you must “pick yourself up and start all over again,” as another song says.

How do you do that?
Here are some ideas for you to take action on:

  • Talk to a therapist. (Well, duh,)
  • Journal —write it out
  • Communicate with a friend
  • Give yourself time to cry it out. Really cry it out
  • Take a walk—in nature, in the rain, on the beach, walk
  • Make an action plan with a giant whiteboard—cross off as you complete
  • Color (I have not tried that yet)
  • Music that lifts you up (playlist, anyone?)

I want to punch the person who says, “this too shall pass,” in the face. Or “look for the good” and all that blah blah. That is not what you want.

I am reminded of a therapist’s advice long ago: “only be depressed in this room. When you walk out, pretend you are not depressed. Just pretend.” You may still be depressed, but you might be surprised at how you fool yourself.

Go ahead—be a funny girl.


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