About Me

Who me?  Seventy?  It can’t be.  Yet being 70 is very different than it might have been in your grandmother’s time.  My goal is to prove that you can live well at any age.

For my 70th birthday I took a two week trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  My friends designed the cake you see on this site for my splendid birthday party.  I hope to add many more adventures.

These posts are intended to inspire and make you think.  I hope you will add your wisdom as we all learn to become sages.

Professionally I have been a teacher, investment adviser, real estate appraiser, sales executive for a top Fortune 100 company and I went to law school in my fifties.  And yes, I am also a grandmother for the cutest smartest boy ever.

In my day job, I am a divorce lawyer in the Seattle area.  You can learn more about me professionally at www.divorceforgrownups.net  or Facebook: www.facebook.com/divorceforgrownups

You might also be interested in my book.   Six Word Lessons for a Peaceful Divorce